FRIDAY SEPT. 17, 1920 - First Practice – The Independents took no time to display the dash that all but brought them the professional football championship last season. The core group of men from last years Independents indulged in a grueling one hour practice last night at Douglas Park. The team showed plenty of speed and conditioning as they ran through the plays. Although handicapped by the deepening darkness, the team practiced on with great precision. When practice was called due to darkness the players were dripping with sweat.



Minnesota Shift -  Captain Ursella used his makeshift lineup to teach the newcomers the mighty Minnesota Shift. Ursella chose Ends – Oak Smith & Louis Kohls, Tackles - “Bull” Buland & Warren Burns, Guards – Art Wyland & Fritz Engle, Center – Loyal Robb, Quarter – Rube Ursella, Halves – Paddy Quinn & Waddy Kuehl, Fullback -  Jerry Mansfield. Ursella ran the shift which had baffled with its deception many teams in the past. He worked as coach through the drills and explained all of the technicalities of the shift to the new additions. The gathered crowd peered through the covered fence with excitement as it look as if the team had not missed a beat over the long break.

Player Updates – “Bull” Buland is in excellent shape. Buland circled the park seven times before running through signals with the team during the hour long practice. At the end of the night there was still plenty of pep in his steps. Ursella reported 19 pounds overweight but showed good speed throughout. Baseball has kept him in playing shape. The extra weight may help give him additional power when running the ball. Oak Smith, Jay Mansfield and Art Wyland all appeared to be in excellent shape and ready for the long grueling season ahead. Waddy Kuehl despite never seeing the shift prior, had no problem picking up the offense. He and Kohls ran through the plays with speed that only Oak Smith could match. They both have a good chance of making the squad.

New Players – Keith Dooley, start end on the 1912-1916 teams was invited by Jack Paridon to attend the workout. Dooley was injured while he served the country in France when a horse crushed his foot. He had recovered and is set to make an attempt at a comeback. Poly Cook, star tackle of last year’s Davenport Eleven was also present to take in the practice and is expected to participate tomorrow. Al Woodyatt and Archie Mullanix of Moline were also present and took part in the drills

Players to Report – Herb Sies who was expected to play for the Independents this season received a unmatchable offer from the Cleveland Indians yesterday. Sies is off to Pittsburgh tonight to assist Glenn “Pop” Warner whip the University of Pittsburgh into shape. Despite the better offer from Cleveland, Herb admits he rather play for the home folks in Rock Island. He stated that when the Independents were ready to talk about a better offer he would be ready whenever they make the call.

Source -Rock Island Argus September 17th, 1920